How Cerebral Palsy and A Headache Started An Essential Oils Company

Being the mother of 13 year old triplet boys, and an 11 year old boy, is hard.  Not gonna sugar coat it. It just is.  From carrying, giving birth to, and surviving the years up til now, it’s a wonder I have a shred of sanity left.  (Not to mention birthing another boy somewhere along the way.)  But, I wouldn’t trade it for all the Oreos in the world, and I seriously love Oreos!

Parenting for any of us is hard work, but being the parent of a Special Needs child is a whole other level of hard.  I am one such parent.  One of my beautiful triplet boys, Noah, has Cerebral Palsy, amongst other issues.  His legs have severe spasticity, making it impossible for him to walk, and he displays behaviors that are much like those with Autism.  He is easily upset, and constantly stuck on repeat.  Even as I write this he is upstairs yelling at me to start his show over again, and again, and again. You get the picture I’m sure.

Every summer we make the trek home, to Minnesota, to spend a few weeks with family and friends.  The boys love these trips and look forward to them all year long.  But as much as I love them too, it becomes increasingly difficult for me to keep Noah entertained and happy.  This, of course, eventually leads to frequent bouts of screaming, and a “jackhammer” type headache for me.  It was on one of these trips, a few summers ago, that I learned about the magic of essential oils.

The boys and I headed down to the cities to spend a few days at the home of my BFF, and get out of the grandparent’s hair for a bit.  In true Noah fashion, he loved this for all of five minutes before the yelling, and taking a few swings at mom, commenced, as did the headache I spoke of earlier.  Jolene, the aforementioned BFF, being the “ever so calm” and “take charge” kind of friend that she is, told me to go take a break and she would handle the unruly rascal for a while.  So I planted myself, and my aching head, in the living room and tried to unravel a bit.  Unbeknownst to me, Jolene was diffusing some blend of oils in an odd, illuminated contraption in my unraveling space.  This heavenly scent was quickly unraveling my tightly wound spool and taking with it the jackhammer in my brain. What?!  It’s at this point that I also realize Noah is chatting away, happily, in the next room with Jolene. Again, what?  So I chance leaving the room of blissful aromas to see what magic Jolene is currently working on my son.  I enter the room to see Jo is sitting on the floor with Noah and massaging his legs with what smells, to me, like heavenly fields of Lavender.  He is calm, happy, and practically drooling there on the floor.

I am that kind of person who witnesses something that has a profound effect on someone, or something, and must know EVERYTHING about it.  Two months later I was enrolled in the Aromahead Institute to become an aromatherapist.  Next comes the Graduate Program, because I can’t stop at just Aromatherapist when there is still so much more to learn.  Then there is the need to share these magical, aromatic gifts with anyone who will listen.  What better way to do that than to start a company that offers the best nature has to share with us.  Of course I can’t just get these oils from the big distributors, who may not have a care in the world what they do to oils in order to make more money.  My oils had to come from the farmers, distillers, and the small co-ops, because that is where the best comes from.

So that, my friends, is how Cerebral Palsy and a headache started a company. 

*I want to give a shout out to my BFF for setting me on this path!  Jo, you are and always will be, the milk to my Oreos! Love you bud.