Essential Oils: Family Vacation Necessity

Essential Oils: Family Vacation Necessity

The need for essential oils when on vacay are endless! Not kidding! We are 12 days into our yearly trip to Minnesota, and I have used more essential oils on this trip, for emergencies, than I use in two months back home.

Day 1…. This day ensured the need for whipping up a batch of skeeter spray, and a potion to treat the already itchy bites those winged beasts left behind.

Day 2…. After a day on the lake with the family, I found myself concocting a spray to soothe “the multitudes” suffering from excessive time in the sun. After a good spritzing, of said concoction, all lobsters were then slathered in Bergamot & Lime Body Butter (Yes, I just plugged our life changing body butter.) to prevent the crew from a long bout of molting.

Day three and four…. These days were all about repeating the anti-molting routine from day two.

Day 5…. By this evening I was soothing the digits of my youngest son after he grabbed the end of a piping hot marshmallow roasting stick, regardless of multiple warnings.

Day 6 through 10…. The past few days I have conquered headaches, scrapes, and insomnia. (The insomnia is compliments of my boys, and my BFF’s boys, staying up half the night and rising before the sun. This has caused us to drink gallons of Americanos to survive, and the reason we are unable to fall asleep. Vicious cycle!) Add to the previous list a close call with Poison Ivy and Stinging Nettle. Ugh!

Day 11…. Today called for a magic potion to ease another boy’s pain from, what I hope to be, merely a sprained ankle and not a fracture. Time will tell. (He took a digger off a small embankment whilst being chased by a cousin trying to bean him in the melon with crab apples. Thanks Chasen!! Double Ugh!)

Present day…. Baked a batch of cookies for the crew today and, in my caffeinated stupor, grabbed a hot pan and burned a stripe through my thumb! THIS NEXT PART IS VERY, VERY USEFUL! I immediately grabbed the Lavender and doused my seared digit with it. Mind you, the burn was already starting to blister! One hour later and you would never know my thumb had ever met with a 375-degree cookie sheet. Lavender is magic people! Seriously!

We’ve about five or six days left to put my Aromatherapy education to good use, and I’ve no doubt there will be a need for it. In hopes that your vacation might be a little smoother, I will add the recipes to a few of these concoctions. Maybe your children, and you, are less accident prone than my crew. Maybe your kiddos go right to sleep on vacay nights and sleep in till 10am. Either way, I promise, your vacations will be a whole lot smoother if you bring just a few of those precious little blue bottles with you! (Our little blue bottles, of course lol.)

1oz carrier oil 
10 drops Lavender 
3 drops Peppermint 
(Just dot on the bites.) 

1.5oz water
1tbsp aloe vera gel
1 tbsp Jojoba oil
15 drops Lavender
10 drops German Chamomile
4 drops Peppermint
(Apply as often as needed.)

Drop Lavender neat (no carrier) directly on the burns and let it sit and work its magic! (This is one of the only instances I will ever recommend using essential oils neat.)