How To Mix Oil And Water

Long before we launched ra goods we knew we wanted our company to be about making our customers lives better. Every product was chosen with that purpose in mind. Every distiller and co-op we purchase from were chosen for their responsible, and ethical, practices, and they all work to make people’s lives better in their own communities. But, we didn’t want to stop there. It’s been our goal to further “making life better” by having our customers as partners with us in doing so. We want each customer’s purchase of our products to make their own lives better, and, in turn, make other’s lives better by doing so.

The process of choosing a trustworthy charity is a daunting task! Who will get the money donated? How much of the money donated will actually go to the cause? Are we funding some executives next, all-inclusive, trip to the Bahamas with our donations? How do we prove that the “good stuff” is actually happening? How do we prove to our customers that the donations are truly making life better for others?

So how, you ask, did we come to a decision on who we would give to? Research, prayers, research, more prayer, research. Then, BOOM, research and prayers hit the jackpot!

I would like to introduce all you lovely peeps to charity: water!! charity: water’s operating costs are all covered by private donors. 100% of the donations goes to the work being done, and they can prove it! Check out the short video below and see all the amazing work charity: water is doing.

We are so excited to start our campaign for charity: water! We are calling our campaign “ra compassion”, and we hope to raise $10,000. This amount will fully fund one water project for a community or a school.

In the next week we will be setting up our site to make it easy for you to donate personally, or to show what portion of your sale we are donating to the campaign. The amount will be the same across all sales, no matter the amount of the sale.

If you would like to donate to our campaign before we are all set up, and we hope that you do, you can follow the link below. If you donate without making a purchase, we will send you a free lip balm just because of your huge heart! (Just be certain you have signed up on our email list so we can send it.) 

This is just one of the many campaigns we will be running at ra goods. We will always be doing what we can to make life better for you and for others. We promise to never raise our prices just to make this possible either! Giving, we believe, comes from the heart and must be genuine.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.” -Charles Dickens

Link to donate:

**If you have an idea for our next campaign, or a charity you are passionate about, please let us know at