Oh For Cryin' In Your Chamomile!

I feel kind of weepy today, good weepy.  The kind where you are so captivated and in awe of something, but you are unsure of what, exactly, to do with these emotions.  Without making my boys think I have gone off the deep end that is.  Why am I feeling this way you ask?  Because I have just received my first shipment of oils from my distiller in the Himalayas.

The Lemongrass is so fresh it’s as if you just plucked a blade of the grass and rolled it between your fingers, releasing the fresh, uplifting aroma.  The moment I opened the cap and pulled the plug from the German Chamomile I was immediately drawn into a comforting, gentle embrace of its herbaceous, sweet, fruity bouquet.  You can, literally, scent the hard work and passion that went into caring for, and masterfully distilling these oils.

Kailash, of Aarya Aroma, owns the private farm and distillery where I purchase these oils.  He is a gracious, beautiful, and immensely kind human being.  I feel blessed to call him my friend.  Kailash has worked very hard to build a farmer’s cooperative that creates many jobs for the local and indigenous people in this region.  Every time you purchase these oils from us you are helping further Kailash’s efforts to raise the socio-economic status of these beautiful people.  As ra goods grows, we will be purchasing more of Kailash’s oils to add to our line. 

Makes me weepy just thinking about it. Good weepy!

*My amazing teacher at the Aromahead Institute, Andrea Butje, recently wrote an article about Kailash, his wife Deepa, and their company Aarya Aroma.  I promise it will be worth the five minutes of your time to read it.